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Grit & Passion by Leszek Stelmachowksi

Talks with regular people who do extraordinary things; they dream big and train smart.

Jan 8, 2018

How to train in the Winter?

What to focus on?

Long and steady or short and intense?

Nov 1, 2017

I live and work in beautiful Edinburgh. An artist and sometimes a Triathlete.

Oct 24, 2017

My name is Ciara Webb, I’m 35, and I’ve been a member of Edinburgh Triathletes for four years (I think). I’m really good at making mittens and running away from difficult situations, and pretty awful at cooking and getting out of bed in the mornings (I used to love the Friday morning swim session but the older I...

Oct 17, 2017

Jennifer Bedford is Edinburgh based triathlete. She has won this year Loch Gu Loch SwimRun Race and she is a finisher of Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon. 

''I like the challenge and doing something and getting to the end off it. Start small and you just progress. And I would never have thought I would be able to do...

Oct 14, 2017

"To be fit, healthy and to live life to the full whatever I do."

Our today's guest, Mike Brown, argues that the sport of triathlon is virtually for everyone. I agree!!!! :)
Grit & Passion Podcast #4, Mike Brown. 
On the next episode, we will have this year Loch-gu-loch winner,  Jennifer Bedford.
New episode every...